Museum Collectie Brands

Visit two of the most fascinating museums in Drenthe. At the Van Gogh House Drenthe, learn all about the time Vincent van Gogh spent in Drenthe. Next, prepare to be amazed by a visit to the Museum Collectie Brands where you’ll find a rich collection of historic and sometimes very unusual objects from this region.

Programme for this package:

  • 12.00 hours: Welcome to the Van Gogh House Drenthe, with guided tour
  • 13.00 hours: Welcome to the Museum Collectie Brands for lunch
  • 13.30 hours: Guided tour of the Museum Collectie Brands
  • Feel free to stay in the museum until closing time at 17.00 hours.

Price per person:
Option 1: € 23.50 Lunch consisting of two bread rolls p.p. with milk and orange juice
Option 2: € 26.50 Extensive lunch consisting of various breads and toppings, soup, meat croquette, hand fruit, milk and orange juice

Minimum number of persons: 5

From the Van Gogh House Drenthe to Museum Collectie Brands
You make your own way to Museum Collectie Brands in Nieuw-Dordrecht.
This is 15 minutes by car.

Book this package
This package can be booked at the Van Gogh House Drenthe or the Museum Collectie Brands a week in advance.

Meer informatie bezoek de website van Museum Collectie Brands.

Often booked: 2 museum combi ticket

A nicely priced day out full of art, culture and history. Discover how one of the world’s most famous painters was inspired by the landscape of Drenthe. In 1883, Vincent van Gogh lived and worked for two months at Hendrik Scholte’s lodgings in Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord. These lodgings are the only house in the Netherlands open to the public, where Vincent van Gogh ever stayed.

Nieuw-Dordrecht is home to a completely different and unique place of interest. Museum Collectie Brands was born as the result of a collection of items by Jans Brands. Collecting things was Jans’ personal passion. He was so dedicated to doing so that he was able to amass a collection of unique cultural historical value. At the museum, you’ll discover a wealth of artefacts from days gone by in Drenthe but also curiosities from other parts of the world. In recent years, the museum has augmented its collection with works by artists from the Northern Netherlands.

A combi ticket costs € 12.50 p.p. *

It is available from both the Van Gogh House Drenthe and from the Museum Collectie Brands. You do not need to visit both museums on one day, though you are free to do so if you wish.

* excludes lunch, and cannot be used in combination with other discounts or packages