The Van Gogh House Drenthe has ANBI status. This means that any donations and gifts made to the VGH are tax deductible (under certain conditions). Mission The Foundation for Van Gogh and Drenthe wishes to offer visitors to the Van Gogh House Drenthe a unique experience. Nowhere else in the Netherlands can visitors come so close to the painter than in our VGH. And we aim to share that with as many people as possible. The voyage to discover Vincent Van Gogh starts here, in Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord, Drenthe. Because the Van Gogh House Drenthe is the only location in the Netherlands open to the public, where Vincent Van Gogh lived and worked. The Foundation for Van Gogh and Drenthe wants all visitors to experience how essential the Drenthe period was for the painter. This was an extremely important period for his development as an artist. It was in Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord that Vincent decided to dedicate himself fully to painting. That is what makes the VGH so unique, and is our reason for seeking (inter)national recognition and appreciation of the Drenthe period which was so important for the artist. The Foundation for Van Gogh and Drenthe is contributing to enhancement of (cultural) tourism in the province of Drenthe and much further afield. Based on the key concepts of collaboration, quality, hospitality and accessibility, visitors are invited to become acquainted with the Drenthe history of Vincent van Gogh. By combining these concepts with professionalism and entrepreneurship, an effective foundation has been laid for a productive museum house which contributes greatly to the general art and culture landscape of the municipality of Emmen and the province of Drenthe. Remuneration policy The executive board members are all part of the volunteer team; they do not receive any financial remuneration for their activities. The Foundation for Van Gogh and Drenthe employs one salaried staff member for a limited number of hours. All other work is the responsibility of volunteers.