Van Gogh’s stay in Drenthe

On 11 September 1883, Vincent departed from the train station in Den Haag and by way of Utrecht and Zwolle, reached Hoogeveen that evening. Vincent stayed three weeks in an attic room at a lodging house from Albert Hartsuiker.

The endlessly long journey to Nieuw-Amsterdam

On the 2nd October, he leaves with the snikke (towing barge) from Hoogeveen to the ‘Southernmost’ corner of Drenthe, where he arrives in Nieuw-Amsterdam after an ‘endlessly long journey’. During his voyage, Vincent drew a page full of sketches, a travel journal in drawings.

Vincent’s stay at the Van Gogh House

Vincent lived and worked in Scholte’s in for a few months (the current Van Gogh House Drenthe). He was very happy with his relatively large room. In the 23 letters which he wrote from Drenthe, we can deduce that he was very taken with the landscape. He draws and paints, amongst other things, De Turfschuit (The Peat Barge), which was painted in Nieuw-Amsterdam and is now property of the Drents Museum in Assen. He also paints a water colour painting of the bridge in front of the inn. This painting is now property of the Groninger Museum. The weather worsened and Vincent started to feel lonely. When financial difficulties made matters worse, he decided to go back to his family home in Nuenen.

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