Van Gogh House Drenthe

The Van Gogh House in Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord is the only publicly accessible building in the Netherlands where one of the most famous painters of our time, Vincent van Gogh, lived and worked.

Visit Vincent van Gogh’s room

Vincent spent two months living and working in this room in 1883, which also served as a base from which he explored the surrounding moors. His aim was to capture the life of ‘normal’ people, particularly farm workers, on canvas. In the Van Gogh House, you stand in the room where Vincent van Gogh stayed in 1883. His bed still stands in the same spot, his box with drawing tools is open, the painting palette lies ready to be used. It looks like Van Gogh has just stepped out to go on a long walk on the moors and could be back at any moment... You will see a film that will bring you back to 1883. You will see South-east Drenthe as it was in that time through the eyes of Vincent van Gogh. Experience the tranquillity and the spaciousness of the beautiful Drenthe landscape, as the famous painter so eloquently described in his letters. With his drawings, paintings and letters, Van Gogh recorded a piece of Drenthe history years before photography was introduced in this part of the Netherlands.

History of the Van Gogh House

  • Around 1870, a solicitor from Assen, Mr. J.A. Willinge Gratama, had this inn/pub built on the corner of the Schooldijk. What made this inn so unique was that it had two floors as well as a balcony.
  • The property was sold in 1876 to Hendrik Scholte, the innkeeper during Vincent van Gogh’s stay (1883).
  • In 1880, this building was also used as a ferry house.
  • Scholte sold the building in 1904 to his son-in-law, Andries Mol. The building was covered in a layer of white plaster.
  • Kruimink purchased the building in 1926 and held on to it for some 40 years. Mister Wams was owner for a short while, and from 1965 until the demolition permit was issued, the building was owned by mister Valke.
  • The Stichting Van Gogh & Drenthe was founded in 1997, and plans were made to restore the building.
  • The back end of the building was demolished in 1998 to make way for a new apartment building.
  • On Monday, 27 March 2000, the restoration gets under way.
  • On Thursday, 30 March, a part of the building collapses. The renovations were considerably held up due to the collapse of part of the eastern side wall.
  • The Van Gogh House was officially opened on 30 March 2003. On the outside, the building looks just like it did at the beginning of the 20th century.  
Van Gogh Huis Drenthe
Van Goghstraat 1
7844 NP
Veenoord/Nieuw Amsterdam
tel: 0591 - 555 600