By car:

Via the A37, exit Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam
At the roundabout, go straight ahead (2nd turn) past the windmill. When you have crossed the railway, turn onto the bridge on the right and you will see the Van Gogh House right in front of you

By train:

Take the Zwolle/Emmen railway line and exit at Nieuw-Amsterdam station.
It’s about a four-minute walk to the Van Gogh House.

Using the satnav:

Please note that your satnav will not recognise the Van Goghstraat in Nieuw-Amsterdam.
Instead of Nieuw-Amsterdam, enter the placename:  Veenoord, Van Goghstraat 1.

Van Gogh Huis Drenthe
Van Goghstraat 1
7844 NP
Veenoord/Nieuw Amsterdam
tel: 0591 - 555 600