Volunteer / become a friend

The Van Gogh House is looking for enthusiastic volunteers and friends.

More and more visitors come and visit the Van Gogh House each year and our range of group packages and activities continues to expand.

Working as a volunteer at the Van Gogh House

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with our activities. Perhaps you might be interested in working with friendly colleagues in one of these roles.

The Van Gogh House has a fun group of enthusiastic volunteers. Are you an art lover and does this seem like a fun way to meet new people and at the same time support our cause, don’t hesitate to contact the Van Gogh House. You can contact us by phone during opening hours or send us an email. We will then contact you to make further arrangements.

Become a friend (donor)

The Van Gogh House runs on volunteers. But there are still some recurring expenses which need to be covered such as rent and electricity. The Van Gogh House is not subsidised; its sole source of income is the admission fees. Therefore, we would like to ask you to become a friend of the Van Gogh House. You can become our friend for a minimum donation of €15 per year. Every donation is welcome!

This is what you get:

You will receive several times a year our newsletter filled with news and information, free admission to the Van Gogh House, and admission to activities such as lectures, openings, etc. Your gift will help us preserve this memorial. You can register by email, or you can personally stop by and at the same time pay a visit to the Van Gogh House.


We would naturally love to have businesses sponsor the Van Gogh House.  In return for your support, we can discuss the possibilities with you for making an attractive offer for your business. Key is the preservation of the Van Gogh House and the promotion of the region.
Van Gogh Huis Drenthe
Van Goghstraat 1
7844 NP
Veenoord/Nieuw Amsterdam
tel: 0591 - 555 600