Institution name and contact details:

Stichting Van Gogh & Drenthe
Van Gogh House
Van Goghstraat 1
7844 NP Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam
Tel. 0591-555600

RSIN / fiscal number:
KVK 41020826
Fiscal 807100961


Preservation of the Van Gogh House in Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam. Supplying educational and recreational information and activities for visitors, thereby serving as a public centre for multicultural, national and international art forms and all matters related to or conducive thereto, in the broadest sense of the word.

Collaboration with organisations such as Het Drentse Veenland, Geopark De Hondsrug, Koppelschleusse in Meppen (Germany) to promote cultural tourism in the region.

Main outline of the current Policy plan: 

  • Collaboration with the Drentse Veenland, Geopark De Hondsrug, TIP and Van Gogh Europe
  • The development of packages for individuals and groups.
  • Researching whether the Van Gogh House can receive museum status.
  • Lectures about Van Gogh and his letters focusing primarily on his time in Drente.
  • More free publicity in national newspapers/magazines/websites.
  • Renewal of the the Van Gogh House website.
  • Creation of a high-quality promotion brochure of the Van Gogh House in multiple languages.
  • Publishing of a book with the Drentse letters/works of Van Gogh.
  • Digitalisation and renewal of the lesson plans [Promoting educational materials].
  • Expansion of discount deals via hotels and large recreational parks to promote brand awareness and draw visitors.
  • Collaboration with other Van Gogh institutions through Van Gogh Europe.
  • Improvement of the audio system in multiple languages (French, English and German.)
  • Recruitment of volunteers and board members.
  • Maintaining administrative support.

Statutory board members:

  • Jan Halfwerk, Chairman
  • Rolf Bouwmeester, Treasurer
  • Willemien Dirks, Secretary
  • Mia Stulen, Board Member

Remuneration policy:

The board members receive no remuneration for their involvement.

Stichting Van Gogh & Drenthe has a post for 20 hours available for a paid administrative worker. Stichting Van Gogh & Drenthe works with volunteers for all other matters.

2017 Secretary annual report:
  • attachment: annual report 2017 (NL) (Doc)
  • attachment: annual figures 2017 (NL) (PDF)
  • attachment: overview financial year 2017 (NL) (PDF)

2016 Financial annual report:
  • attachment: financial annual report 2016 (NL) (PDF)
Van Gogh Huis Drenthe
Van Goghstraat 1
7844 NP
Veenoord/Nieuw Amsterdam
tel: 0591 - 555 600